Tea Collection Kit 3 x 25 ML

A stylish gift box from marvis, which contains their 3 luxurious toothpastes that are part of the tea collection series.

Marvis Blossom Tea is a wonderful blend of black tea and flowers. leaves a fresh feeling and adds a little extra luxury to everyday life!

Marvis Earl Grey Tea is an interpretation of the world-famous english tea that has been drunk with devotion since the 19th century. with a wonderful taste of bergamot and black tea.

Marvis Creamy Matcha Tea bubble tea or pearl tea. a famous drink from taiwan has inspired this toothpaste, with the classic taste of creamy matcha.

The set is including:
Marvis Blossom Tea 25 ML x 1
Marvis Earl Grey Tea 25 ML x 1
Marvis Creamy Matcha Tea 25 ML x 1

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